The Rebirth of NaturePosted on March 21, 2012 by Heartbeat of a Planet

From ancient civilizations to our current era, music has woven itself through our stories, religions, lives, and our hearts…

The following story is from Norse Mythology

“It is told that Bragi, the god known as the Divine Singer, was once very tired from an arduous battle. Before journeying
home, he climbed aboard a ship in the port and fell fast asleep. He did not know that the ship belonged to the Dwarfs of
Death or that they carried Nature, who had died in the war, as cargo. Bragi simply lay in blissful slumber, dreaming the dream of life.

When the vessel crossed the threshold of Nain, Bragi awoke, and while sweeping the strings of his harp, he sang a song
that echoed over all the worlds. His song described the rapture of existence. The sound of his joy-filled song and golden harp reverberated through the nine worlds and awakened the music of all the spheres. His song even awakened Nature out of her long, death-like sleep. As Bragi sang, the worlds sprang into life, and all sickness and sorrow disappeared.”

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